SmallUtils 2.0


Nine useful tools in one single program


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SmallUtils is a comprehensive software from which you can do a great number of tasks without needing to download any extra add-ons. It includes nine different functions, each of them for a certain daily task on your PC:

- Converting text to MP3: You can choose from Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and English. You have to limit yourself to 100 characters.

- Webshot: You can capture a screenshot of a website through its URL. Simply paste the link and click on Generate, and you'll get the image in PNG format and can change its name before downloading.

- URL shortening: You can significantly reduce the length of a link. Before performing this task, you'll see the full link next to the short one so you can decide if you want to use it or not.

- Writing tweets: Tweet while doing something completely different. Just insert the text, add a hashtag if desired, and click Post. The first time you do it, you'll see a Twitter tab where you have to log in.

- Converting images: Convert images between popular formats. It's as easy as selecting the location of the file and then choosing one of the following five formats: GIF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, or BMP.

- Text to PDF: Create a PDF without having Adobe installed. You'll have every font you can find in the software, along with different sizes for the text. It's worth noting, though, that even when you select different fonts the changes won't appear until you generate the PDF.

- Currency converter: Find out the current values of the most-used currencies in the world.

- Meme generator: Create your own memes from more than 100 templates, adding any text you want to it.

- QR code generator: Use any text you want the code to include.

SmallUtils 2.0 includes, in short, multiple functions that are commonly used in day-to-day tasks, now all in one program that greatly simplifies all of them.

The program closes every three and a half minutes.

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